Friday, May 29, 2009

Ukes Etc - The Handcrafted Artisan Instruments of Owen Burke

Owen Burke has been making and playing musical instruments for over two decades, breaking barriers and exhibiting high levels of innovation with his various creations. His intimate familiarity with a diverse selection of materials and the sounds they produce has resulted in a spectacular body of work, a selection of which we are proud to display in the gallery today. Mr. Burkes instruments are celebrated in venues ranging from museums to concert halls, a testament to the exceptional quality of their artistry and sound.


Takes five

minutes to learn,

takes a lifetime to master.

The Banjuke, Mr. Burke’s latest simple 4-string hybrid innovation, has spurred a heated interest among all who’ve used them, appealing to both novice and weathered musician alike. The Banjukes are meant above all to be played; to be taken anywhere and used everywhere: the park, the beach, a picnic, your bedroom. They are light, gentle, portable, durable, and versatile (doubles as a drum), giving you the opportunity to have live music by your side at all times.

Do not miss the finale of the Saturdays of May with Matt Curreri. We'll be demonstrating these fine instruments along with hearing performances by Matt Curreri & Keli Ross Ma'u (on steeldrums) and local ensemble Orange Electric.

As always, show is free, all ages, and open to the public. 7PM. See you there.

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I am sad I am missing this.