Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Series Opening Night

Last night we kicked off the the Saturdays of May with Matt Curreri to a full house. Matt's set with Keli was something totally new and was very well received. The steel drums were an excellent addition to Mr. Curreri's standard charm...and it doesn't hurt that Keli is a musical magician. I think the best part is that he transforms them from being some kind of cliché sound to having some real substance and intricacy.

Some choice shots from the night...

Floyd's show is looking spectacular in the Gallery Room

Thanks to The Perry Edwards for a great show.

And thanks to everyone who came out: hope you had a great night. Let us know what you think, we are always interested in your feedback. AND for those of you who weren't there...there are four more to come, so you have a chance to redeem yourself.

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