Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Series Continues

Last night's the third installment of our current series The Saturdays of May with Matt Curreri was an amazing success. John Meeks, equipped with his trusty capo, played a beautiful set to a mesmerized crowd. Also his band deserves a special mention; they are a pleasure to listen to as well as to hang with. The Exfriends' set was a rowdy one as they were accompanied by their long lost 5th member Ray Suen, who's been away tour with The Killers. 'Happy When I'm Gone' was my favorite. There will be video footage coming shortly.

We are a little behind on our photo uploads but here are some choice pics from the second night of our series. Stay tuned for more pictures and video of last night. AND, do not miss next week's show - the 4th - as it promises to be perhaps the best show yet, with the debut of the much anticipated 6 x 6 reading. Thank you to all who have come out and supported this series with such remarkable enthusiasm. More is on the way, let the momentum continue.

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