Monday, October 19, 2009

The Hook Brothers: New Works

Opening Reception: Saturday October 24, 2009 7 PM

Steven Hook, Untitled (Orange and Purple)

John Hook, Horse Skull

We are proud to present the tenacious works of Texas-based emerging artists John and Steven Hook. The two brothers will be in attendance for a reception of their exhibition on Saturday October 24, 2009, which also marks the one-year anniversary of The Andrews Gallery. As usual the event is open to the public. Come enjoy free drinks and the opportunity to discuss these works with the artists themselves.

Steven Hook, Untitled

Steven Hook’s newest work consists of collages based on a variety of concepts. Incorporating components of cubism, abstract expressionism, and graffiti as well as quilted art, these collages approach issues of shape and color in a unique and daring fashion. Sometimes limiting the collage to simple paper cut outs, sometimes interjecting paint and other mediums throughout the tableaux, Hook builds layered and complex optic landscapes. The tessellations and patterns that result from his experience with quilted art and other textiles work to broaden his visual vocabulary. Steven Hook holds his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts and is currently pursuing his MFA at the University of Huston, Texas.

Steven Hook, Weaves and Grids

John Hook

The abstractions of John Hook are expressive and painterly. His powerful brushstrokes and intricate gesture give his picture planes distinct movement. His work has a sense of atmosphere; despite their almost pure abstract qualities, we feel the weight of a world within them. His intuitive sense of color and form are on display in strength throughout this body of work. John received his Bachelor of Arts from Claremont McKenna College and is currently also working towards his Masters in Huston, TX.

John Hook, Horse Heads

This exhibit will highlight the work of these two brothers, juxtaposing two sets of work that differ greatly in style and execution but which are connected through intriguing and undeniable undercurrents. Join The Andrews Gallery and the Hook Brothers for an exciting an artist reception at the gallery on Saturday October 24, 2009, 7:00 PM.

John Hook, Gourds on Table 2

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