Monday, July 27, 2009

Little and Large, In Motion Trio

Our Little and Large reception at the gallery was a great night. Sander Rosenberg's light installation and complementing bracelet were glowing in the Gallery Room along with a great mix of Andrews Gallery artists. It was the first time we have exhibited multiple artists in the Gallery Room and it all flowed together very nicely, if I do say so myself. In curating the show, we stuck with the Little and Large theme, and it was nice to have a diversity of size among the pieces displayed. As a little bonus, I was excited to preview just a few paintings by our upcoming featured artist Ron Tomlinson.

A serious treat of the night was the In Motion Trio. This is a group of incredibly talented young musicians who played five original improvised jazz compositions in the Studio Room. We have a recording of the night which I will post soon. The group came back and did a show the next week with artist Jeremey Wright doing live painting. Stay tuned for pictures of that night as well.

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