Monday, February 8, 2010

Chapter One: A Look Back

For your pleasure (ok, and mine too), here is a somewhat chronological look back at the first sixteen months of The Andrews Gallery. As we bring our first phase to a close, we want to thank each and every one of the artists, musicians, poets, performers, and patrons who have made this project a reality. Drop us a line to come see our space in the Kettner Arts Complex in Little Italy.

My goddaughter visiting me from France. Photo taken before the opening of Ron Tomlinson's exhibition.

And now, from the beginning:

The first week after doing the keys, before doing any work on the space, we had a "soft opening". What you can't see is that these paintings are covering up large holes in the drywall.

Amazingly, we had a great turn out on that first night, foreshadowing a year of good crowds.

Half-finished paintings.

Francois of Le Papagayo next door. We can't thank him and everyone at the restaurant enough for their amazing support.

My mother and me.

Matt Curreri rocked out for this first opening. The beginning of an incredible creative relationship. That's Kevin Gosset hammering away on the base.

One of our first exhibitions of figurative works by Anna Clark.

A nice mayhem begins to settle in the studio.

This plant, brought by a gallery supporter on our very first night, has been in the gallery ever since.

Singer Tracey Stockalper (center) uninterested in the discussion at one of our early openings.

Christmas time. In retrospect, think those 'icicle' lights were a mistake (really ugly, my apologies!)

Sculptor Jesse Hensel builds a door in the gallery in advance of his exhibition 'The Rising Son'

Intern Discussions.

There is a system, I swear.

The south wall became red.

Studio shot, early Spring 2009; a mix of student work, gallery artists, and my own paintings.

One of my favorite shots of Jesse Hensel's 'The Rising Son'.

The Frontier Brothers came from Austin, TX to rock out.

The crowd adored.

And rocked out themselves.

Br'er came to play from Philadelphia that same weekend.
Matt Curreri in the gallery, March 2009.

The great Adam Nichols comes from New York to work on his (re)composition of a Beyonce song on the in-house 1984 Baldwin FunMachine.

May 2009, The Great Wall of Ukes, by Owen Burke (ps, Burke is now set up at Queen Bee's in North Park).

Art Party

Brooklyn-based Big Tree gave Leucadia a night to remember.

Big Tree, with newly acquired Andrews Gallery shirts, packs up the morning after their show to continue their nation-wide tour.

Erwin Dazelle, all the way from the French Basque Country, with gallery patrons during the opening of his solo exhibition 'A La Tienne: Inside the Wine'.

Ryan McCann comes from New York to work on his laptop.

A crowning moment, Ron Tomlinson in the gallery for the opening of his exhibition 'The Language of Abstraction'.

The Hook Brothers, in from Houston TX, for their two-man show, October 2009.

Steven Hook before the openning.

My portrait (in progress) of Paul Williams for the Artists x Artists exhibit at the Encinitas Public Library. I believe it will accompany an article in this week's SD CityBeat.

Max Earnest, once a student at the gallery, now pursuing his practice in Eugene, OR.

Los Angeles-based painter and mixed-media artist Ben Wolf Noam considers the collages of Steven Hook.

Eric Terry matches the art.

Br'er makes a triumphant return late 2009.

And rocks the harmonium for a mesmerized crowd.

Before a 'Kettner Nights' artwalk at our new 'headquarters' in the 2400 Kettner Arts Complex.

Gallery goers.

The In Motion Trio sets up for a night of improv.

Max Martin and Matt Connolly take a break from Los Angeles and building things for Mike Kelly to visit the gallery, with photographer Michael Meleck.

The shows are that good.

The ground-breaking Mattson 2 play for a packed house.

Lovely visitors from San Francisco come and work out of the gallery, January 2010.

Just a snap-shot, but I think it captures the breath of what we have done since opening in the late months of 2008. These pictures represent the effort and resolve on behalf of everyone who has ever been involved with the gallery to promote creativity in all its different forms and to make it accessible for anyone and everyone to experience. It has been an improbable journey so far, and it would not be possible for me to adequately express my gratitude to everyone who has worked with me to make this project the success it has been. Similarly, I cannot wait for what the future has in store.


Drew Snyder
Leucadia, CA
February 2010

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