Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Over the Weekend: Musical Marvals @ The Andrews Gallery

This weekend bore witness to two incredible live music performances at the gallery. With the beautiful works of Jesse Hensel still gracing the walls of the Gallery Room, we ushered in Austin, TX-based indie phenomenon The Frontier Brothers on Friday night and the avant-gard ensemble Br'er on Saturday. With the help of all the art, the free drinks, and the newly painted red wall, the two acts had everyone who came mesmerized.

The two bands couldn't have been more different. The Frontier Brothers played a rather explosive show, staying consistent with their reviews of having a "thrilling cinematic intensity". We had a great turn out, packing the gallery with well over 100 people. There was some video shot by our favorite Lithuanian actor and film maker Rimas Morkūnas, and we will post the footage of the night soon.

Saturday night was a last minute show, where we featured Br'er, an expirimental/ acoustic/ folk band all the way from Philadelphia. This utterly graceful foursome featured operatic vocals, cellos, violins and a variety of other diverse intsruments, including one of those saws that is played by a bow.

[Br'er ate Karina's 7 minutes before their set. See evidence above]

This band is a new favorite of mine and I encourage everyone to check out their website. I wish them much luck as they finish up their tour (still have a way to go!) Their dates are listed online and if you happen to be in the same town as them, I would highly recommend making their show.

All-in-all the weekend's rain could not thwart all the good energy and wonderful times had during these events here in Leucadia at The Andrews Gallery. We deeply thank all of those who came out to enjoy the festivities and support the Gallery. Again, we could not exist without your vision.

LOOK OUT for The Saturdays of May with Matt Curreri (official schedule coming very very soon).


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