Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Last Month or So

I was just recently given a trove of images by photogs Caroline Couturier and Benjamin Maury documenting some of the events sponsored by The Andrews Gallery over the last month or so, plus some pictures from the last Art After Dark at the Oceanside Museum of Art (couldn't resist). I thought it'd be a good time to catch up and share them with you.

We begin with images from an event at Brushworks, our affiliate studio in Little Italy (located in the 2400 Kettner Arts Complex). We will be increasingly active in this beautiful space over the coming months and hope that you will have an opportunity to come check it out.

Paintings by John Hook on display at Brushworks, our affiliate studio in Little Italy

Zach Hawkins at Brushworks

Paintings by Steven Hook (left) and Susie Snyder (right)

Friends of The Andrews Gallery, Grant Gleason and Seth Combs soak it in. Paintings by Ron Tomlinson in the background.

Here are a few images from OMA's Art After Dark. It was my first time at the event and I must say, it was awesome. What with all of the stellar art, free drinks and food, and people from all over the county, its more than worth the $15 ($10 if you're a member). Just the space itself is really nice, I love the open patio in the front. The next one might not be until March 12, but check out their website and sign up on their mailing list to get all the updates:

The first two images are from the San Diego NOW exhibition featuring eight UCSD Visual Artists: James Enos, Jesse Mockrin, Zac Monday, Omar Pimienta, Lesha Rodriguiz, Tim Schwartz, Julia Westerbeke, and Suzanne Wright.

Caroline Couturier of Benjamin Maury @ OMA

They had tall monsters walking around as performance art. Pictured above, myself and M. Maury with tall dark wizard man. (For reference, Maury is well over 6' tall). Picture, Caroline Couturier.

Here are some shots from our one night crossroads event mixing art and science that showcased the DNA of different members of the San Diego Community.

Gallery Goers

More Gallery Goers

Talk turns serious at the drinks table.

Myself with Andy Bass (the brains behind the event) and Andrews Gallery supporter and poet, Zara Altair.

And here are some shots from our most recent opening of Assembly Required: Works by Michael McAlister, last Saturday.

Pictured: Mixed-media artist Melissa Stager (foreground), Painter Eric Terry (in yellow), and on the couch in the background filmmaker Daniel Gonzales, who is on the brink of completing his debut feature-length film 10 Days.

A selection from The Andrews Gallery Library

CityBeat's Seth Combs makes the trek up to North County for McAlister's opening.

Late-night in the gallery with Melissa Stager and Renaissance Woman (and stalwart Andrews Gallery supporter) Ida Deichaite

Footprints of Andrews Gallery March 2009 featured artist Jesse Hensel

Assemblage by Michael McAlister

No East Nor West (detail) by Michael McAlister

Hope you enjoy these photos. I can't help but to see them as a testament to the strength of The Andrews Gallery and the amazing support we get from such a diverse and wonderful community. It couldn't happen without you, so thanks.

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