Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh July...

Ron Tomlinson, Still Life with Red Cup

Long overdue post.

Erwin Dazelle's exhibition is getting ready to enter its last week of display, and thus far I've been impressed and pleased with the give and take between members of our community and Mr. Dazelle's works. He came from a region of France that is, as I have written below, very much like our own, and spent a nice sejour in our area. His stay here only reinforced my conviction of the similarity between the French Basque Country and San Diego, for he reiterated to me many times how at home he felt here, and how much he loved our city. Likewise, it's been a pleasure to bring someone from far away to San Diego County for the benefit of everyone in our community.

Ron Tomlinson, Veronese with Harley

With June behind us we are busy getting ready for our very special upcoming featured artist Ron Tomlinson. Tomlinson, a verteran artist and alumni of New York City during the sixties, creates works of a caliber that is difficult to do justice in words (although you will undoubtedly see me try in the coming weeks). Suffice it for now to say that the paintings are here, they are alive, and they will be on display very soon. Look for the official public opening to happen on Saturday August 8th at the gallery, as well as a satellite exhibit at the Brushworks Studio in Little Italy. The images in this post are just a few of Mr. Tomlinson's the paintings that we will be exhibiting in the weeks and months ahead.

Ron Tomlinson, Cigars

I look forward to all the goings on this summer, and remind you all to swing by the gallery and say hello. There are still Banjukes to be had, and so many wonderful paintings of all ranges by our talented selection of artists. Also, there are a few slots available for painting sessions in the studio room, so if you feel like tapping into your creativity this summer, The Andrews Gallery is the place to do it.

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