Friday, January 30, 2009

Saturday February 7, 7:00pm @ The Andrews Gallery - Postcards and Paper Dolls, New Collage Paintings by Susan Snyder

Reception? Opening? Party? Call it what you want, just be there...

We are ever so pleased to be hosting our February Featured Artist Susan Snyder at The Andrews Gallery on Saturday, February 7th. The event starts at 7:00pm and, well, I'll let you decide when it ends.

Susan - or Susie to those who know her well - is exhibiting a brand new series of never-before-seen collage paintings. In these paintings it has been said that she:

artfully weaves the vibrant palette, diverse materials, and seemingly haphazard compositions of the Mexican aesthetic into the sleek abstractions that have defined her corpus for over two decades. Incorporating a collage component of kitsch cut outs, these paintings contrast the jocoseness of Mexican markets and vintage street fairs with a rather serious meditations on abstract form. In a few pieces, Snyder even goes so far as to uses chips from the 200-year-old walls in her studio to compose maps of Mexico. While each viewer may take something different away from looking at these paintings, the curious playfulness they evoke is sure to be universal."

and I couldn't agree more.

Get a full preview of the show on our website.

SO, whats the moral of the story? Come to the party. Enjoy the cheer [i.e. the free drinks]. Meet the artist. And most importantly, leave with a painting. You'll feel good about it when you wake up the next morning, and so will I.

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