Saturday, January 31, 2009

Michael Meleck

The Andrews Gallery is excited about the latest addition to our artists, and our first emerging photographer/mixed media artist. Currently living in Los Angeles, California, Michael Meleck is a man of many talents, and has an eye for catching some of the most striking compositions and colors that I have ever seen from a contemporary photographer. We are proud to add Mike to our ranks.

His latest series is a visual investigation of an abandoned factory on the Hudson River in Yonkers, NY [allegedly where DMX, a Yonkers native, goes to fire his assault rifles]. What I like about these photos is that, to me, they are paintings. I see them as abstractions, focusing on color and composition, line and form. In fact, I'd say Mike pays as much attention to the nuance and consequence of form as any good painter, abstract or otherwise (See, for one example, the barrels in the first image of this post).

You can view the photos here, and we will be updating that link to include the entire series, so check back soon.


allie cat said...

wishing you the best wherever you are.

terri.meleck said...

Love your subject! Can't wait to see them all. We will be at the gallery to see the entire collection.